Welcome to Maverick Small Stock Club!

Mavericks would like to continue the  Small Stock Club. Projects include: Poultry, Cavy, Rabbit and Pygmy Goats.  We are looking for a leader.  You don't have to know anything about small stock, just be an organizer and communicator.

Contact Linda Lee - Leader -  lindamlee@att.net to ask how to become a leader.

Small Stock Club History

The small stock club started out as a Poultry Club in 2013-14, lead by Katy Holditch. Mrs Holditch has owned backyard chickens as a hobby but never as a serious study.  Sarah, her daughter, wanted to finish her 4-H career with a small project in the county fair after raising lambs for 3 years.  From this, the Maverick Poultry Club was started inviting 12 members who also enjoyed and wanted to learn more about chickens.  Mrs. Suze Scott who breeds and sells chickens join in as an advisor and a lead to purchasing the right breed for show. The members learned together in meetings and participating in the small stock round robins.  The club ended the year with 6 members entering the Maricopa County Fair, two selling their birds at auction and one member winning Grand Champion Novice Showmanship.  After attending the fair several of the members wanted to branch out to other project animals to expand their horizons.  Hence, the Small Stock Club was born.  Heather Patterson lead the second year and now Mrs. Lee lead the flock/herd/club in 2015-16. But this year we need another leader to head up the herd.  If you are interested, please contact us and we can show you how.

Small Stock Club Event History

Three Brave Mavericks - Small Stock Round Robin

Three brave Mavericks attempt their first Small Stock Round Robin to learn and earn ribbons.  They showed Cavies (Guinea Pigs), Rabbits, Chickens and Pigmy Goats, as well as, participated in a quizbowl to demonstrate their knowledge of these animals.  It was in no time  that they got the hang of it and walked away with some colorful ribbons and pride.

Discover the Breeds!

Go to these websites to discover what type of breeds there are and what might work for your project.


http://www.ithaca.edu/staff/jhenderson/chooks/chooks.html is a good source for narrowing choices down by breed characteristics.  www.feathersite.com is a good site for information and TONS of photos of different breeds.


http://www.apa-abayouthpoultryclub.org/ is the website for the ABA/APA Youth program.  Check out the newsletters and educational materials, especially.  Once the members know what breeds they are considering, Mrs. Scotts knows a lot of breeders for most of the common, and some of the more uncommon breeds, and she can give them the appropriate names.  She recommends getting birds from breeders if they plan to show.  The quality is generally exponentially greater than what you find from a feedstore or hatchery.  In most cases, breeders will sell to kids at a reasonable price.

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