My 4-H Experience

By Shari Petersen


Nine years ago, Mrs. Holditch (Katie), and I made a decision to co-lead our neighborhood 4-H horse club so that our kids and their friends could enjoy their horses and make friends in the neighborhood. We knew it was going to consume some of our time and we knew it would be a fun and rewarding experience, but couldn’t have imagined how much I would grow as a person.

Head, I give my head to clearer thinking- by staying active teaching young people and helping you learn. I also learned through my interactions with other leaders and being challenged emotionally to work together and not have everything my way. I learned how to encourage sportsmanship by growing myself to be a better sportsman and looking beyond competition to life lessons.

Heart, I give my heart to greater loyalty- I have grown closer to my neighbors, their children, and my children. It has been immensely rewarding looking back over the relationships that have developed from my serving as a leader of the Buena Vista Mavericks, and the relationships formed by the members and their families. I have new friends of all ages and I truly treasure our times spent together with our horses. I have watched kids grow, and parents too, as they learn about horses and 4-H leadership.

Hands, I give my hands to larger service- My hands have grown calloused and rough spending nine years handling horses, equipment, pitch forks, and giving legs up! My hands have also grown stronger, as I have personally, from all of my many hours spent with the Buena Vista Mavericks members and their horses building memories, seeing the positive outcomes, while being real working through everyday life.

Health, to better living- I have learned many lessons by doing, many of which have been by making mistakes. Learning how to work together being open and flexible to other’s ideas and focusing on teaching young people has developed my character, brought joy into my life, and made me a healthier well rounded person. Being a BV Mavericks leader has made my life better.

I am so grateful for these experiences within my club, my community, and my world!

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