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The Buena Vista Mavericks Biz Kid$ is an Entrepreneur project designed to teach 4-H members how to run a business, be accountable, helpful, creative and self supportive.  Members are encouraged to create a business plan of their talents or products and develop a customer base for service and sales.  Members learn about scheduling, commitment, follow through and continuous improvement as well as financial literacy.  Though this process they develop a sense of pride in their work and skills and develop long lasting relationships with adults in the community.  These skills and relationships will later help them with higher education, job applications and scholarship possibilities.  

"There's nothing wrong with Minding your Own Business when you're a Biz Kid!" 

"Learn by Doing" & "Earn by Doing" -  Katy Holditch, 4-H Project Leader

Click here to read an article featuring 4-H Volunteer Leader - Katy Holditch telling the story of how Biz Kid$ got started.


Established Biz Kid$ Businesses

Maverick Biz Kid$ Directory
(always under construction & continuous improvement)

Email contact goes to parents to provide security and protect minors.

Carys's Critters, Kids & Hospitality – Carys McQueen - Owner & Sitter
School Age: High School
Carys can care for all creatures & kds great and small. While not only being a fun and caring babysitters she can care for poultry, horses, dogs and cats too.  She is willing to learn new skills.  Carys has a great deal of compassion for animal and likes to get to know them.   She is also happy to pick up mail and papers, pull out bins and other odds and ends while you are away from home.  She is ready & willing to help out with your party and hospitality needs.  By employing Carys you help her fund her horse riding activities and pay for her extracurricular activities.  Her dream also is to own her own horse.  She has been a member of the Buena Vista Mavericks Small Stock Club (Turkey Project) and a member of the BVM Horse Club and BVM Biz Kid$ Club.  To contact Carys email  heatherp@cox.net

Julia’s All Around Sitter and Carer – Julia Werkhoven – Owner & Sitter

School Age: High School

There is no sitting around with Julia’s All Around Sitter and Carer!  Julia has experience caring for many animals – large and small.  Horses, dogs, cats – you name it.  Julia exhibits a great work ethic to get the job done.  She will also care for your homesitting needs and miscellaneous tasks. She also offers hospitality services for parties and events.   Julia works to earn money to fund her horse activities.  She would like to own her own horse one day to ride in large competitions.  She is a member of both the Buena Vista Mavericks Horse Club and BVM BizKid$.  To contact and schedule Julia – email: cwerkhoven@cox.net

Nothing 2 Louse House and Petsitting – Anais Toulouse –Owner & Sitter

School Age: High School
Anais is your sitter and you’ve got nothing to Louse (lose) as the name says.  Anais is experienced in horse care, from feeding, mucking to exercising.  She will also take care of your pet and critter needs while you are away.  She is hard working and will speak French while she works caring for your home.  Her dream is to one day buy her own car.  She knows you got to start working early to meet her goal.  She is currently the Treasurer of the Buena Vista Mavericks Horse Club and a member of the BVM Biz Kid$.  To contact Anais to for your house and pet sitting contact: toulouse@cox.net

Olivia Odd Jobs - Olivia Nesky - Owner & Service Provider

School Age: High School

Along with general pet, house, baby sitting, Olivia is willing to many odd jobs from light landscaping to pool care, car washing, pet grooming, painting and party help.  She is enthusiastic to learn new skills and help out where needed.  She is organized and prompt with her work.  She is looking to earn money to assist with her horse expenses as well as be more independent.  She has served as the Horse Advisory Committee representative for the Buena Vista Mavericks Horse Club and a member of the Biz Kid$.  To contact Olivia - email bizeazmom@yahoo.com

Robin's Nest Crafting & Household and Pet Services

School Age: High School

Robin is happy to house and pet sit where needed.  She know how to take care of horses as well.  She Is a talented crafter, specializing in scrapbooking and small projects for parties, decorations & gifts.  If you have an odd job, organizing or needing help to clean up that particular area you have been needing to address, ask Robin.  Robin is a member of the Buena Vista Maverick 4-H Horse Club as well as a Biz Kid member.  Contact: lindalee@att.net to schedule.

Ellen Liebig's Paper Stars & Household Services & Care - Owner & Star Crafter

School Age: Middle School

Ellen's specialty is crafting paper stars for decorations and gifts.  She learned this art in Germany while spending time with her grandmother.  They come in all colors and a variety of designs.  Ellen also is able to pet and house sit.  One of the services she can also provide you is container gardening.  She can plant, weed and water your plants with great care. Ellen speaks German and can offer tutoring services as well.  She has been a member of the Small Stock Club and is a current member of the Biz Kid$ Club. Contact: vivielle@web.de

Mia's Soggy Doggy Pet Grooming - Mia Castillo - Owner & Groomer

School Age: High School

Mia Castillo provides dog washing, pet grooming & walking services.  She will come to your home with her own supplies or use the supplies you designate to give you pooch a good washing, grooming and walk around the neighborhood.  She will put you on a schedule so you don't have to worry about calling her to wash the wash or walk the dog.  She has been a member of the Small Stock Club and is a current member of Biz Kid$. Contact: waste1bullet75@gmail.com

Ammie Moisseyev - House, Pet and and Horse Sitting

School Age: High School

Ammie love animals.  She specializes in house, pet and horse sitting.  She is also willing to care for uncommon pets such as pigeons.  She releases them to fly in the morning, cleans the cages, waters and feeds them all at the crack of dawn.  Ammie also speaks Russian and can assist in translation.  She is currently working on developing a product to sell in the future.

Contact: Vmoisseyev@yahoo.com

Sydney Wickelgren - Jewelry Maker

School Age: High School

Sydney is developing her skills as a jewelry maker.  Her first real success was selling jewelry at the Holiday Boutique to the point where she ran out of supply.  She is also on the speech and debate team in her school so she can create a crafty argument to support why kids should learn a skill and run a business.  She recently served as Club Treasurer in 2017.

Contact: Judebus1@gmail.com

Biz Kid$ Graduates

Get an A with Anna! – Anna Tesch, Owner and Tutor
Little Lacey Card Company – Anna Tesch, Owner and Crafter
School Age: Graduated and attend ASU
With Anna you get two ways to cleverly gain from her knowledge and skills.  Anna is willing to share her proclivity with English and Math to help your kids (or you) to become successful in both.  She can tutor your child up to 8th grade level in English and Geometry, Algebra and below.  Why sweat it, get an A with Anna!    Anna also is talented in needle work with hand crafted greeting cards so beautiful they are works of art.  For that special occasion and person, have her craft a card for you.  Samples available.  Anna is a member of the Buena Vista Mavericks 4-H Horse club (on a horse named “Lacey”) and a member of the BVM Biz Kid$ 4-H Club.  To contact Anna – email sedaj.tesch@gmail.com

Chloe “ The Sitter” – Chloe McQueen – Owner & Sitter
School Age: High School (Graduated - Going to UofA)
Chloe specialize in sitting most any pet from poultry, dogs, cats and equine.  She is extensively experienced in equine care and has taken various classes on first aid and is an experienced rider.   She also love caring for kids and understands those with special needs and qualities. She has her driver's license, so is able to drive to certain jobs and run errands for you.  She is happy to take on new challenges and learn new skills.  By employing Chloe the “Sitter” you help her fund her horse activities and help her become self supportive as a teenager.  Her dream is to own her own horse and tour the circuit to show.  Chloe is currently a member of Buena Vista Mavericks 4-H Horse Club & Mavericks Biz Kid$.  To contact and schedule Chloe – email: heatherp@cox.net

Vivienne's Household and Pet Care Services - Vivienne Liebig - Owner & Operator

School Age: Graduated and Attending School in Munich, Germany

Vivienne can offer a various house & pet sitting services including horses.  Vivienne is very detailed oriented when it come to caring for your property and pets.  If some thing is out of the ordinary or not right you can be assured she will contact you to get your advice on any problem solving.  Vivienne works with her sister Ellen many times to get the job done together. She also speak German and can tutor.  She has served as the president of Biz Kid$ and is currently the president of the BVM Horse Club.  Contact: vivielle@web.de for her services.

Cooperative Businesses

      During this year the Maverick Biz Kid$ also ran collaborative business ventures.  Each member who wanted to participate in the business had to invest some of their own money, supplies and labor to be a partner or share holder.  A CEO is appointed who serves to plan the businesses and makes major decisions.  Once the venture has taken place, supplies purchased, employees and bills paid, shareholders were paid out profit dividends. Partners who worked over and above their investment were paid more in the form of a tip from the collective share holders.

Cooperative Business Plans for 2016-17

Yard Sale

Holiday Gift Wrap and Bazaar

Various Event Food Concessions & Hospitality

Pet Wash Day

Biz Kid$ Charity Tax

Each year the Biz Kid$ club votes on a charity that they would like to support together. Then the club taxes its profits on it collaborative businesses at 10% to raise money. Also the club organizes a holiday boutique which charges $5 per table to participate and all proceeds go to the charity.  Prior to every meeting, Mrs. Holditch offers a charity dinner for $2 each, where the kids can come eat, visit and support the charity. Other efforts include raffle baskets and scrap metal collection drives to bring in a little extra money  In the past year's the club has supported MASH Animal Shelter, Jordan Foundation (Families of Severely Disabled Children) and San Diego Special Delivery Food Pantry.  In 2017, some of the club members traveled to San Diego to work at the food pantry and present a check for $550.  Below are some of the pictures of their Service and Surf trip.

Start with a Plan and Follow it With Action!

Biz Kid$ Annual Goals

We want each Biz Kid to have a roadmap to success.  Below are goals that members should strive to achieve to establish, improve and grow their business.  Seasoned Biz Kid$ will ready have many of these goals achieved, while new Biz Kid$ will just be getting started.  Because running a business is a very individual project, each member must work at their own pace to achieve the level of success and, yes, failure that they decide.  The end of year awards will be determined on the goals each member has accomplished.

 It's an amazing experience - Go for it!

Business Development Goals: (Requested)

  • Create your Business Name and Description and Put it on the Biz Kid$ Website.
  • Acquire at least three customers.
  • Create and use invoices to collect payment.
  • Ask clients for feedback on your work to improve or expand service.
  • Participate in at least one collaborative business event.
  • Keep track of your income and expenses for the 4-H Year and submit record book at year end.

Goals for Your Personal Growth

  • Participate in at least two community service activities 2-4 hours.
  • Donate some of your personal proceeds to a community service/charity.
  • Get to know more about 4-H and participate in other activities it has to offer.
  • Attend an educational training, class or demonstration to improve your business

Over and above:


  • Get a personal email and use it to communicate with clients.
  • Create business cards or flyers.
  • Open a bank account for checking or savings.
  • Create your own website.
  • Give a presentation on your business or a specific learning experience.
  • Take a course/research or learn more about how to provide a better service or product.
  • Enter a poster or display in the Maricopa County Fair.
  • Write an article about your business or Biz Kid$ in a publication.
  • Hold and office or leadership position in the Club.
  • Other_________________________________________________________

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