2014 Maricopa County 4-H County Finals 
   April 25-27, 2014
Entry Deadline: 5pm, Monday, March 17, 2014 in the 4-H Office

 *Horse Show * Photography Contest * T-Shirt Design Contest * Cover Art Contest * Farmer Olympics *

It's the Biggest Event of the 4-H Year, and it's right around the corner, April 25-27, with entries/sponsorships due by March 17.  Here's where to get your questions answered:

 - What is "County Finals?"

 - What Do I Need To Do To Qualify To Ride In The Show?

 - What If I'm Not Riding In The Show?  Is There Anything For Me To Do?

 -  It All Sounds Like Fun, But Is It Expensive?

 - How Do I Enter the Show or the Contests?

 - How Do I Buy a TeeShirt?

 - What Is Sponsorship?

 - How Are The Buena Vista Mavericks Helping With The Show And Sponsorships?

County Finals Entry Packet 2014- contains horse show entry form, t-shirt order form, entry forms for cover art, photography and t-shirt/logo design contest

County Finals Support Packet 2014- contains letter to give to potential sponsor, sponsorship application and information

South Buckeye Equestrian Center


What is "County Finals?"

The 4-H County Finals Horse Show is the crowning event of the 4-H Horse Project year.  It is a three-day horse show in five disciplines, put on through a cooperative effort of Maricopa County horse project clubs, organized by the Horse Advisory Committee.  Riders receive trophy prizes and rosettes for High Point, Reserve and the top three places in each class - prizes and rosettes are awarded in each class up to 10th place.  Clubs are responsible for providing workers and judges for the shows.  This year's schedule is as follows:

Friday, April 25 - Western:

Beginner/Intermediate sponsored by Diamonds in the Ruff; Advanced sponsored by Buena Vista Mavericks.

Friday, April 25- Ranch Sorting: Sponsored by Spirit of Queen Creek.

Saturday, April 26 - English: Beginner/Intermediate sponsored by Western Spurs; Advanced sponsored by Spirit of Queen Creek.

Sunday, April 27: Roping: Sponsored by Barn Buddies and Gymkhana: Beginner/Intermediate sponsored by Western Spurs; Advanced sponsored by Laveen Elite. 

County Finals will be held this year at South Buckeye Equestrian Center at 10300 S. Miller Road in Buckeye.  This is a top equestrian facility, featuring 2 covered arenas, 7 outdoor arenas, on site feed store and vet clinic, bathrooms, lounge and concessions. 

Camping and lodging are available, so consider making it a weekend!  More information will be coming soon about social activities being planned for the weekend.

Entry deadline is March 17.  Entry forms must be submitted with completed equine science passport, signed by leader, and appropriate entry fees. Links to the entry forms are provided at the top of this page.

What Do I Need To Do To Qualify To Ride In The Show?

 Within this 4-H year, you must have:

1.  Competed in at least one 4-H pointed horse show in the class(es) you wish to enter at Finals.

2.  Attended at least 2 Approved Education events, 4 hours total (two County, or one County/one Local)

3.  Completed at least One Community Service Project, 2 hours total

all of the above must be recorded on your Equine Science Passport, which you will submit with your entry form, which needs to be signed by your leader

In addition to the above, you must:

4.  Be active in attendance and participation at Club meetings.

5.  Have completed and submitted a Horse Project Record Book the previous year  (if this is your first 4-H year, this requirement does not apply)

6.  Obtain a sponsorship in the amount of at least $50 (this is in addition to your entry fees)

You must submit by the 18th of March: completed, signed ENTRY FORMS, with check for entry fees; completed, signed PASSPORT; completed, signed  SPONSORSHIP FORM for your required sponsor, and sponsor check. Your Club Leader can answer any questions you may have regarding the requirements. Links to all forms are provided at the top of this page.

What If I'm Not Riding In The Show?  Is There Anything For Me To Do?

4-H offers several exciting contests for those not riding in the show.  All will be rewarded with ribbons and recognition at the showgrounds. Join the fun!

The Entry Forms for all of the Below Events are in the Entry Packet. Please be sure to read the rules for each submission!

    Stay after the show on Saturday for the Farmer's Olympics, and a Taco Bar Dinner!  Click HERE for Details. 

The Photography Contest  is open to age groups 9-13 and 14-19.  You may enter one photo per class, as follows:

All Submitted Photos must be 4"x6" in landscape format, equine-related in the following themes:

1. Humorous

2. Landscape

3. Portrait

4. Action

Entry deadline is March 17, entry form is in the entry packet.  All photos will be displayed at County Finals, and ribbons will be awarded.  No entry fee.

 The T-Shirt Design Contest  gives members the chance to design the logo to be used on the official t-shirts to be sold at the event, and to be used on certain prize items.  Create and design a one-color logo for the shirt - choose the color for the shirt and the ink!   All designs will be displayed at County Finals, and ribbons will be awarded.  DEADLINE MONDAY, March 17! No entry fee.

Anyone may purchase a t-shirt.  T-Shirt Orders are due by March 17.  Cost is $8 per shirt.  Order Form is in the Entry Packet.


The Cover Art Contest is offered again this year, with entrants having the chance to have their artwork featured on the front or back cover of this year's Show Program.  The Artwork must have been created this year, and contain an image of a horse or pony, and either tells a story or makes a point.  The winning Junior 9-13 will be featured on the back cover, the winning Senior 14-18 will be on the front cover. Artwork will be displayed at County Finals, and ribbons will be awarded.  Entry form is in the Entry Packet.  No entry fee. Deadline is March 17.

It All Sounds Like Fun - But Is It Expensive?

4-H County Finals is run for the kids, and every effort is made to keep entry fees low.  Show class entries for English, Western, Roping and Gymkhana are $6 each, with a $6 exhibitor fee, and a minimum $35 sponsorship.  Sorting Entry Fees are $15 per team member/team, $10 cattle fee, and $6 exhibitor fee. Entrants are required to secure just one sponsorship of $35 or above.  There is no entry fee for the  photography/t-shirt/art contests. The Farmer's Olympics, which will be held after the show on Saturday, is Free for all participants.

How Do I Enter The Show or the Contests?

The Entry forms for the Horse Show and the Contests are included in the County Finals Entry Packet.  Print and fill out the appropriate forms; the rules for entering  the show and each contest are provided on the forms.

Read Carefully!  Your Horse Show Entry Form will need to be signed by your parents and a leader, and you will need to include your completed Equine Science Passport with your entry.  Your leader will go over your passport with you to make sure it is complete.  You also need to provide at least one $35 sponsor to enter (read What Is Sponsorship?).  Entry fees also must be sent in with the entry form.

Completed Entries for the Show and All Contests, as well as all Sponsorship Applications are due at the County Office by 5pm Monday, March 17th.  Bring your entries/sponsorship applications to any leader by noon on March 17, and we will make sure they get to the office on time. If you have any questions, call or email us!

What is Sponsorship?

The majority of County Finals expenses are paid through Sponsorships.  A sponsorship is a fee paid by an individual or business, which gives them advertising in the County Finals program, signage if appropriate, and a donation to 4-H.

The goal each year is to have EVERY CLASS in EVERY SHOW sponsored. We encourage EVERY MEMBER, showing or not, to try to obtain at least one sponsor at any level!

Sponsorships are categorized as follows:

Friend of 4-H:  donation of $10-$34

Class Co-Sponsorship:  donation of $50, fee combined with another co-sponsor to sponsor a horse show class (at least one sponsorship at this level is required of all County Finals entrants)

Class Sponsorship:  donation of $50, fee pays to fully sponsor a horse show class

Reserve High Point Sponsorship:  donation of $75, fee pays to sponsor a Reserve High Point division award

High Point Sponsorship:  donation of $100, fee pays to sponsor a High Point division award 

PLEASE NOTE: High Point, Reserve and Class Sponsorships are given on a First-Come, First-Served Basis! Get your sponsors in EARLY to make sure you sponsor the class or award you want!

Family members and friends, as well as businesses you and your family frequent, make great sponsors.  

 More information is available on the sponsor application included in the Sponsorship Support Packet.

Will the Mavericks be helping with the Show/Sponsorships?

 Buena Vista Mavericks is sponsoring the Advanced Section of the 2014 County Finals Western Show on Friday, 4/25. We are responsible for providing a judge, riding patterns, jump course design and, of course, manpower for the event.  We hope parents of riders, and everyone who is not riding but would like to come out and enjoy the show, will be interested in volunteering.  Contact any BV Leader to find out what's available, and to sign up. 

Mavericks who ride in the show, and are members in good standing,  will have their required sponsorship fee ($50) reimbursed  by the club. We offer this  "scholarship" to recognize the efforts of those meeting the show requirements, and to help out our parents, who have been financing our 4-Hers all year!  PLEASE - Even if you receive this scholarship, we encourage you to obtain sponsorships to help the show effort (see above paragraph).

 Any Other Questions?  Call or email Mrs Holditch, Mrs Petersen.Mrs Gerald or Mrs. Cottrell, we'll be happy to help.

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