BV Mavericks' Certified Leaders: Areas of Responsibility


 Certified 4-H Leaders


What is a Certified 4-H Leader?

A certified 4-H Leader is a leader who has attended the county leadership training orientation, which includes club organization and 4-H Rules, Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Training, and has undergone a criminal background check.  We encourage parents to become certified leaders if they wish to become more involved in 4-H.


Primary Certified Leaders


Certified Primary Leaders set agendas, work with executive members and make primary major decisions for the club and goals.  They serve as key contact leaders with the county and other clubs.

Andrea Cottrell Primary Horse Club Leader (Certified)

Andrea is the primary leader of the BV Mavericks Horse Club.  She is responsible for approving club activity and working with secondary leaders to create the program. Registration Process and Roster, Camp Maverick Activities, Open Ride and Riding Meeting Supervision, Riding Meeting Volunteer Coordination, Dust Abatement, BVR Rule Awarenenss, Executive Board Oversight, BVR Arena Scheduling (Google Calendar), Tack Swap Storage, Hoof Care Expertise. email:

Heather Patterson Primary Small Stock Club Leader (Certified)

Heather is the primary leader over BV Mavericks Small Stock Club.  She is responsible for organizing the program, scheduling meetings, communicating information and events.  Other parents may take on individual animal project oversight and expertise.  She is also acts to assist Andrea Cottrell in administrative and financial operations of the club.  Contact:


Certified Secondary Leaders

Certified Secondary Leaders lead and manage designated areas, apprentice in new areas, consult with primary leaders in decision making. Attend BVM Leadership Meetings.

Katy Holditch Founding Co-Leader (Certified)

Acts in a support and advisory position to primary leader(s), may host riding meetings and open rides as needed. Discipline Focuses - Gymkhana, Western, Beginner & Novice Training, Coordinates BVR Gymkhana, BVR BBQ & Parade, Coordinates De-Spook-a-thon, supports financial planning as needed, identifies and recommends activities to primary leader. Advises leaders of small stock club, county fair activities and other secondary projects, such as gardening, scrap-booking etc.  Advises senior members with scholarship applications.  BVR Arena and Barn oversight. Is Leader over Entrepenuer project.  May review and advise record-book completion.  email:


Shari Petersen - Founding Co-Leader (Certified)

Certified Education Events, Intermediate/Advanced Training, Western, English, Jumping, Contacts Judges for Horse Shows, Horse Show Coordination, Open Ride and Riding Meeting Supervision, Fruit Picking Service Project, Judging, Vice President Mentor, Business Meeting Coordination. Reviews and signs passports. email


Tammy Mitchelson (Certified)

Beginner Proficiency Teaching and Testing, Educational Events, Entertainment & Recreation Committee Leader,Camp Maverick Activities, BVR Gymkhana Assist, Safety Checks, Host Riding Meeting and Open Rides, Specializes in Western Riding. email:


 Certified Resource Leader


Resource Leaders focus and guide members in select areas of expertise.  May attend leadership meetings


Jodie Meiter (Certified)

Scrapbooking, Photography, Speech and Demonstration Assistance.

Linda Lee (Certified)

Scrapbooking, Crafts, Poultry Club, County Fair

Uncertified Resource Leaders

Christine Farely

Community Service Projects, Trick of Treat so Other Can Eat, Supervise BVR Arena Riding

Sedaj Tesch

Website Administration and Updating

Alix Brzezinski

English Riding, Rider Safety, First Aid (RN) Event Set Up,  Announcing & Communication

Nancy Nesky

Horse Advisory Committee Parent Representative


Let us know if you would like to become a certfied leader too!  We can show you how!



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