4-H - More Than Just a Meeting

Did you know that by being an active member of 4-H, you could -

Go to Summer Camp (for horsemanship, or teen leadership)?

Earn money for college and 4-H activities (scholarships)?

Travel to Washington, DC;  Atlanta, Georgia or Denver, Colorado as a representative of your State, your County and your Club?

In addition to opportunities for higher-level competition provided by 4-H through horse shows (County and State Finals shows), Horse Bowl, Judging, etc (Western National Roundup), 4-H promotes development of Leadership through several sponsored national and state level activities.  A brief summary of each follows, along with links to more information.  Most of these programs are for older members (14+, except for horse camp, which is 9+), but younger members and parents should take a look at what's available to them in the future. NOW AVAILABLE:  Camp YuPiCopa, an environmental-based camp experience for 4-Hers age 9-13, with counselor opportunities for Seniors.

Journey of Opportunities for Leaders of Tomorrow

JOLT is an Arizona Teen Leadership Camp - a camp designed for teens by a teen-adult partnership.  JOLT is a positive environment that promotes personal development, team building and self-confidence. JOLT participants enjoy activities that build trust, leadership, and communication skills. The dynamic staff and inspirational workshop speakers that JOLTers experience help make the week memorable. Conflict resolution skills and relationship building skills create the existence of the "JOLT Team" which instigates life-long friendships that are uncommon at other camps.

Participants will work in groups to develop teamwork and communication skills, while preforming predesignated challanges. These challenges are facilitated by members of the Youth Staff and are both fun and entertaining. They will test your problem solving skills and your ability to think on your feet.

Teenagers of various backgrounds gather together from all Arizona locales to open their minds and to develop positive attitudes. JOLT is for teens, age 14 to 18, or that have graduated from the 8th grade.

Campers develop a strong sense of teamwork, and learn to reject selfish actions that only benefit individuals.

Camp dates are June 15-19, 2012

For more information:  http://extension.arizona.edu/4h/programs/journey-opportunities-leaders-tomorrow-jolt

Western National Roundup

The Roundup is the equivalent of the EIEE Championships -contestants who have won or placed high enough in their State Contests for Horse Judging, Horse Bowl, Demonstration, Speech and Hippology earn the right to represent their State at the competition, which is held in Denver in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show each January.  

For more information:  Western National roundup

Pima County 4-H Horse Camp 

Week-long horse camp held at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Sonoita.  Open to kids age 9-19, you don't have to be a 4-H member to attend.  Campers are grouped by discipline and ability, and must have their own horse. Click HERE for more information.

Click HERE for  Summer Event Scholarship Application

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 National 4-H Congress

Gather with top 4-H members from around the country in Atlanta, Georgia for National 4-H Congress. Tour the area, meet with national 4-H sponsors and have a great time. National 4-H Congress offers interactive leadership experience through quality educational and cross cultural experiences. There are seminars, discussion groups and a service learning experience, which bring home ideas that you can implement into your 4-H club and community. Outstanding speakers and educators are brought in by the "Design Team" made up of youth and adults.
Applications for National 4-H Congress are available at your Local County Extension Office or downloaded below.  (Please check with your Local County Extension Office for the county deadline.)  Delegates are selected by the County based on their 4-H achievements.

For more information:  national4-hcongress.com/

National 4-H Conference

The 2009 National 4-H Conference will be held at the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, MD. Delegates must be 15 years of age as of January 1st, 2010. Selection process will consist of: 1) Application  2) Letter of Interest  3) 3 - 5 minute video presentation on the following topic: "From your perspective, what are the major issues facing young people in your community and what can 4-H do to address these issues?"  4) Interview by a screening committee.  Each youth selected will pay a deposit of $800.
The Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation will provide for youth participants a stipend of $1,000 each.

Maricopa County is currently not participating in this program, but we may be, very soon, stay tuned!

For more information: http://4hconf.4-h.org/

 Citizenship Washington Focus

Travel to Washington DC and stay in the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase Maryland. Participants in Citizenship Washington Focus will have unique and exciting experiences that will lead to becoming Better Citizens Today, Better Leaders Tomorrow. Activities include a visit to the Washington National Cathedral, Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, the National Press Club, the Smithsonian Institution and the Vietnam Veterans and Korean War Memorials. On the trip to Capitol Hill, you might even meet a US Senator or a US Representative from Arizona. Approximate cost for the trip is $1600 - $1800. This trip is for 4-H members age 15 - 19 to attend who have had their application signed by their 4-H agent. Please check with your county office for the county deadline.

This is a pay-your-own way trip that any 4-H member in good standing can arrange. The week-long programs are offered between June 5 and July 23.

For more information:  http://4hcwf.org/

 International Exchange

4-H members and families have the opportunity to host students from foreign lands.  Members also have the opportunity to live with host families in other countries.

For more information:  international exchange

 AZ 4-H Youth Foundation Scholarships/HAC Scholarships/Miscellaneous 4-H Scholarships

Annually, the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation and other organizations provide thousands of dollars in college scholarships to 4-H members and alumni. Click HERE for a complete list of  available scholarships, plus forms for application. (updated 9/25)

The Maricopa 4-H Horse Advisory Committee provides scholarships each year to graduating seniors.  

Members attending State or County sponsored Summer Camps are also eligible for Summer Activity Scholarships.  An application form and essay must be completed.

 The University of Arizona  has a Collegiate 4-H Club on campus.


 All links to the above, plus more events:  click HERE