Buena Vista Mavericks 4-H Forms Central

On this page we've provided links to a variety of forms and publications you will find necessary and/or helpful throughout the 4-H year. All links are in red!

2015-2017 Maricopa County Horse Rulebook

Additional Registration Forms:

IMPORTANT NOTICE:   All registration will be online at az.4honline.com EXCEPT FOR THE HORSE ID & LEASE AGREEMENT FORMS!  Please complete, print and submit these forms if you meet the criteria listed; Bring the forms to the next Business or Riding meeting.

 Horse Identification Certificate if you are new to 4-H this year, or are using a different horse, you will need to complete this form (you will also need a picture of you and your horse, see form for details)  

 Lease Agreement Form (you will need this form if you lease your horse)

  Proficiency Test - print and complete written test from link below. Use the study guide to help you learn what is on the test.

Profiency Written Test Horse.pdf  



 Horse Riding Proficiency Certificate-- You will need this to prove your level of riding proficiency at shows.  Click below to download:


Record Book Pages

Passport Page 1- Try printing page 1 and 2 on one sheet (front and back)

Passport Page 2 


Mavericks' Parents' Guide   Includes Buena Vista Mavericks 101, which outlines club procedures, and Maricopa County 4-H 101, which outlines county procedures and opportunities

*Parent/Family Volunteer Opportunities Outline ways parents and families can help our club

*4-H Club Officer's Handbook - extremely important to read if you want to run for office, this also has important information about how meetings and committees are run, please read!

*Buena Vista Ranchos Neighborhood Rules 


 Miscellaneous Forms:

Maricopa County Forms  this link will access all Maricopa County 4-H forms listed above and more, under "club," "member," "events," "volunteer" and "other" headings.  for questions on forms, contact a club leader for more information or help. 

State Forms  this link will access all Arizona 4-H forms, in the same categories as county forms

Horse Show Forms and Documents

General 4-H Horse Show Entry Form






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