Mavericks Elect Executive Board for a
 Terrific New 4-H Year


BVM 2014-15 

Executive Leadership - Elect

Chloe McQueen - President Elect

Julian Werkhoven - Vice President Elect

Anna Tesch - Secretary Elect

Anais Toulouse - Treasurer Elect

Oliva Nesky - HAC Rep Elect

BVM Horse Club - New Adult Leadership

As you know, Mrs. Petersen and Mrs. Holditch have been leading the club for nine years.  Now that their daughters, Gabrielle and Sarah are graduating seniors, they have handed the reins to Andrea Cottrell for new leadership.  Andrea understudied last year and has a young daughter, Madeline in the club.  Having Mrs. Cottrell as primary leader and a BVR resident, allows the club to continue riding at the BVR arena.  To lead a club of 30+ riding members is a big endeavor.  So far she has enlisted the help of Heather Patterson, newly certified leader, Nancy Nesky, HAC Parent, Christine Farley, Community Service, Sedaj Teash, Website - all with daughters riding in the club.  Mrs. Cottrell will making a few changes to the organization of the club and asking for parents to step in and volunteer to make events happen.  Without parent volunteers (both moms and dads) 4-H won't happen.  So be ready to step in and step up when asked.  You don't need to know anything about riding a horse to do many of the tasks and activities.  If you have special skills that could benefit the club, such as, accounting, journalism, speech & communication, group organization, government, arts & crafts ,teaching, trailering, party planning, etc.- Then shout out. Over-here!

"Many hands make light work"

And more fun for all.

Here's to a new and awesome 4-H year!

Now Giddy Up!


Congratulations 2014 Scholarship Recipients

4-H Foundation Scholarship

 Maricopa County Fair Grant

Maverick Senior Book Scholarship

Molly Brzezinski

Brittany Gerald

Gabrielle Petersen

Hannah Schaefer

Haley Zipay

Sarah Holditch

County Finals Scholarship

Emily Brzezinski

Madeline Cottrell

Zoe Dailey

Nicci Fickett

Heather Gerald

Sarah Holditch

Chloe McQueen

Olivia Nesky

Hannah Schaefer

Jamie Zahn

Zoe Dailey

Sarah Holditch

Gabrielle Petersen

Hannah Schaefer

Jamie Zahn


Check out leader Shari Petersen's New Article!

My 4-H Experience

By Shari Petersen

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Livestock & Tack Auction - May 3rd

A lively day at the Livestock Auction was had by all who attended.  8 Mavericks members and parents experienced what happens every Saturday when livestock gets sent market or finds new owners.  Horses of all shapes, sizes, colors and conditions were auction at  what was thought very little.  Goats, sheep, pigs and cows too.  Mavericks were able to sell off some of the leftover inventory of the tack swap items to get a jump on next year's county finals prize fund donation, as well as, reduce storage in Mrs. Cottrell's shed.  We hope to make another trip to the auction again perhaps as a county educational open to all 4-H members to experience.  Thank you Mrs. Cottrell for organizinng this eyeopening event.

BVR Neighborhood Gymkhana 
...Proving to Make the Better Best!!

Let's Get Campy!

JOLT Teen Camp, Horse Camp, Yupicopa 4-H Camp, Natural Resource & Conservation Camp

Statewide 4-H Camp.

 Plan your summer now!  Save money by registering early/on time.  Make it a summer to remember!

Go to the following links to learn more & register for camps.  Summer scholarships available - Pre-application required by June 9th.

Photo: Horse Camp 2014 - Sonoita, AZ


Horse Camp

All other Camps

Summer Horse  Event Scholarship Application

Big Ribbon Day for Mavericks at Western Show!

Way to go Mavericks!  We had nine BV members presenting at the Western Show held on February 8th.   Congrats to Julia, Olivia, Madeline, Jolie, Emily R., Emily B, Nicci, Hannah S., and Heather!

EIEE Hippology & Demonstration
-A Great Experience!!
Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014

BV members, leaders, and parents shared a day filled with fun and learning! It was a great turnout as participants from several Maricopa 4-H clubs attended the EIEE events. "Demonstration" was hosted by the BV Mavericks and "Hippology" by Spirit of Queen Creek. This was a first-time experience in hosting for the Buena Vista Mavericks!  Thanks to all the parents, members, and leaders for working together to make this happen!

Congratulations to all participants for their hard work in preparing and exhibiting  for the events. Senior category BV participants, Heather G. and Emily B. placed 3rd in their demonstration.  Heather also placed first in Hippology.   Madeline C. brought home a red ribbon for Hippology and took 4th in demonstration in the Junior age group.   Way to go girls!  

Looking forward to more BV Maverick members participating in the Speech and Horse Bowl on March 1!

Mavericks Show Big at Western Spurs English Show!

Saturday's English Show, hosted by the Western Spurs 4-H club, was well attended by BV members.   It was a gorgeous day for competing and experiencing a great show.  

Congratulations to all who participated!  A high-five to Anna for High Point in Beginner; Madeline, High Point in Intermediate; Julia, Reserve High Point in Intermediate; Heather, High Point in Senior Advanced, and Jamie, Reserve High Point in Senior Advanced.

Way to Go Mavericks!

Another Maverick Awarded Maricopa County 4-H Member of the Year

Hannah Schaefer

Congratulations to our Hannah Schaefer, who is finishing her ninth year in 4-H very strong.  It all started with taking on an old horse named J.D. (Jack Daniels) and giving him a new lease on life and love.  Hannah has competed in all disciplines the horse program has to offer, and took on EIEE events this year, winning the Senior Horsebowl and earning a spot on the Hippology Team for the Western National  Round Up in Denver this January. Her accomplishments led to her being selected to attend 4-H National Congress in Atlanta, GA in November, as well..  Hannah also was elected into her second year as HAC Secretary and serves as the Mavericks' Youth Representative, with a voting spot on the committee.  Hannah is always ready and willing to volunteer for whatever 4-H has to offer.  Way to go Hannah, as  a Maverick,  you make us so proud!

   This makes a Member of the Year  "threepeat" for Mavericks, as Hannah is the third Maverick in three years to win this honor.

Back From 4-H Congress!

Hannah and Sarah have returned from participating in the 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Georgia with plenty of exciting stories to share about their experiences!  The girls joined other Maricopa County 4-H delegates and were  accompanied by our County Agent, Bryan Chadd. Over the past three years, five BV members have earned their way to 4-H Congress, proving to newer members that this goal is achievable!

Delegates participated in many workshops including yoga, breading shaping and mobility.  Hannah S. was especially interested in what was learned in the mobility challenge class.  Participants worked with special equipment and learned of all the different obstacles those with physical disabilities must face each day.  The special equipment allows those challenged the ability to water ski and  ride a bike!  

Other exciting events included visits to a  museum, comedy acts, and an International dinner event.  "The dinner hall decorations were beautiful and we had the opportunity to sample foods from around the world", said Hannah.  Sarah also felt it was an amazing event and shared her experience with other members at the 4-H riding meeting on 12/6.

Congrats, girls!  We are so proud of you!!


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