Welcome New Members!

The Buena Vista Mavericks are glad to introduce six new members to our 4-H family this year! We all hope to see you at the mandatory Organizational Meeting on August 21st, where all members can learn more about the club. Details on this event can be found in the calendar section of the website. 

Let the 2015-2016 year begin!

BVM Outstanding Member Accomplishments

BVM 2014-15 Member Accomplishments


2   National Western Round Up Delegates   (Vivienne & Anna)


1 Arizona National Livestock Show Scholarship (Sarah)
1   JOLT Camp Staff (Jamie)
1   4-H  Horse Camp Counselor (Sarah)
2   JOLT Campers (Emily B. Amber)
4   4-H Horse Campers (Oliva, Maddie, Julia, Ruby)
?   2015 State Horse Show Qualifers - TBA
1    Maricopa County 4-H Member of the Year (2014-Sarah H)  2015 -TBA
1    Maricopa Horse Advisory Com. Member (Olivia)
10    Maricopa County Horse Qualifiers 
 (Maddie, Olivia, Gracie, Emily, Anais, Chloe, Julia, Anna, Elena)

?    Summer Activity Scholarships Awarded TBA
3    Maricopa County Fair Individual Participants (Mia C., Anna, Robin)
1    Horse Club Scrap Book Entered in Fair (Blue Ribbon)
1    Entrepreneur Club Project Poster Entered in Fair (Red Ribbon)
1    Rabbit Sold at Maricopa County Fair Auction (Blue Ribbon) (Mia C.)

6   EIEE Participants (Vivenne, Anna, Maddie, Olivia, Julia, Emily B.)

1   Purple Merit Award for Club

9 County Finals Club Scholarships Awarded
(Maddie, Olivia, Gracie, Carys, Emily, Anais, Chloe, Julia, Anna, Elena)

4  Collective Entrepreneur Businesses Held

9 Individual Entrepreneur Businesses Established
19  Record Books Submitted
?   State Finals Club Scholarships Awarded

Website Wonder!

Hay everybody! Malo recently composed an amazing article about his first year in 4-H and it is posted right here on the website. Remember, your communication experiences are very important for your record books (and life in general). Great job, Malo! You can check out the article under "News/Events" and then "Member Articles" or you can click on the link below. Enjoy!

A Year to Remember..........as We Gallop Into the Next!

Congratulations to our new BVM Horse Club Executive Team for the 4H year 2015-2016!

President – Anais Toulouse

Vice President – Katy Farley

Secretary – Anna Tesch

Treasurer – Chloe McQueen

HAC representative – Olivia Nesky  

It's gonna be a gallopin' good year!

Mavericks  4-H Awards - Top Notch

Winning Smiles at 4-H

Awards Night

Maverick pride abounds finishing another award winning year for the club.  Notably, 9 year member, Sarah Holditch shared the award of 2014 Maricopa County 4-H Member of the Year with 2 other club winners Joshua Slade (Lehi 4-H); Jayme Smith (Queen Creek 4-H).  This makes it the 4th year in a row a Maverick has won 4-H Member of the Year!  Our members are doing something right for sure.  In addition, Hannah Schaefer, Gabrielle Petersen and Sarah Holditch were awarded the Sharon O'Donnell Franklin Scholarship. The BVM Club received the Purple Merit award for accomplishing 20 set goals by the county.  Member awards were given in many categories such as passports, recordbooks, camp participation, speech contests, EIEE contests, national event participation, scrapbook, and scholarship recognition.  Maverick award winners were: Anna Tesch, Madeline Cottrell, Emily Brzezinski Molly Brzezinski, Nicci Fickett, Heather Gerald Brittany Gerald, Sarah Holditch  , Vivienne Lebig,  Chloe McQueen, Carys McQueen Gabrielle Petersen, Jamie Zahn, Hannah Schaefer, Haley Zipay.  Well-deserved honors for each of you and congratulations to all of the winners. 

Special Congratulations  go out to· Leaders Of The Year – Carolyn Diana (Zoo Crew 4-H) and Erin Robinson (Desert Hills Wranglers 4-H)
· Family Of The Year – The Rudolfo Family of Arizona Explorers 4-H

BV Sponsored Horse De-Spook-a-thon - 2014!


Poultry Club Advances to Small Stock!

“Hay” Mavericks! We've expanded our club to include members (parents included) who would like to take on a small stock project.  This group will meet separately from the BV Mavericks horse group and will focus on poultry, rabbit, cavy (guinea pig), and  pygmy goats. Topics covered include general care, history, anatomy, selection, housing and equipment, records, nutrition, health, reproduction, grooming and showing, 

Next meeting: Check Calendar or Contact Heather.

If you are interested in joining or have expertise, please contact Heather Patterson @ heatherp@cox.net

Meet your Maverick Leaders of 2014-15

Andrea Cottrell - Horse - Key Club Leader
Heather Patterson - Small Stock Club Leader

Meet your New Buena Vista Mavericks Leaders:  Andrea Cottrell is taking the reins of the Mavericks horse club this year and acting as key contact leader for the club.  She loves spending time with kids on and off horseback and is an excellent organizer.  She is saddling up for the challenge of 2014-15.  Heather Patterson is taking on the leadership of the Maverick Small Stock Club increasing ways kids can get involved with 4-H.  She provides assistance to Andrea in the Horse arena as well.  Tammy Mitchelson will continue to help with horse club activities and training.  Linda Lee is our support leader for crafts, scrapbooking and assisting in the small stock club.  With capable leaders like these, you know Maverick are going to an outstanding year of fun and accomplishments!

Tammy Mitchelson - Horse Leader

Linda Lee - Crafts - Scrapbooking

Maverick Biz-Kid$ (Entrepreneur Project)

Mavericks open Entrepreneurship as a second project.  Members develop and run their own business.  House sitting Petsitting, Babysitting, Baking, Tutoring, Crafts - you name it.  The name of the game is "Earn by Doing", says Katy Holditch, Project Leader.  Check Calendar for Meeting times and to see the Biz Kid$ Directory

Click Here

BVM Horse Club - New Adult Leadership

As you know, Mrs. Petersen and Mrs. Holditch have been leading the club for nine years.  Now that their daughters, Gabrielle and Sarah are graduating seniors, they have handed the reins to Andrea Cottrell for new leadership.  Andrea understudied last year and has a young daughter, Madeline in the club.  Having Mrs. Cottrell as primary leader and a BVR resident, allows the club to continue riding at the BVR arena.  To lead a club of 30+ riding members is a big endeavor.  So far she has enlisted the help of Heather Patterson, newly certified leader, Nancy Nesky, HAC Parent, Christine Farley, Community Service, Sedaj Tesch, Website - all with daughters riding in the club.  Mrs. Cottrell will making a few changes to the organization of the club and asking for parents to step in and volunteer to make events happen.  Without parent volunteers (both moms and dads) 4-H won't happen.  So be ready to step in and step up when asked.  You don't need to know anything about riding a horse to do many of the tasks and activities.  If you have special skills that could benefit the club, such as, accounting, journalism, speech & communication, group organization, government, arts & crafts ,teaching, trailering, party planning, etc.- Then shout out. Over-here!

"Many hands make light work"

And more fun for all.

Here's to a new and awesome 4-H year!

Now Giddy Up!


Congratulations 2014 Scholarship Recipients

4-H Foundation Scholarship

County Finals Scholarship

Maverick Senior Book Scholarship

Molly Brzezinski

Brittany Gerald

Gabrielle Petersen

Hannah Schaefer

Haley Zipay

Sharon O'Donnell Franklin Scholarship

Sarah Holditch

Gabrielle Petersen

Hannah Schaefer

Emily Brzezinski

Madeline Cottrell

Zoe Dailey

Nicci Fickett

Heather Gerald

Sarah Holditch

Chloe McQueen

Olivia Nesky

Hannah Schaefer

Jamie Zahn

Maricopa County Fair Grant

Sarah Holditch

 Zoe Dailey

Sarah Holditch

Gabrielle Petersen

Hannah Schaefer

Jamie Zahn

Summer Activity Scholarships

Madeline Cottrell

Sarah Holditch

Julia Werkhoven


Way to go Mavericks!  We had nine BV members presenting at the Western Show held on February 8th.   Congrats to Julia, Olivia, Madeline, Jolie, Emily R., Emily B, Nicci, Hannah S., and Heather!

EIEE Hippology & Demonstration
-A Great Experience!!
Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014

BV members, leaders, and parents shared a day filled with fun and learning! It was a great turnout as participants from several Maricopa 4-H clubs attended the EIEE events. "Demonstration" was hosted by the BV Mavericks and "Hippology" by Spirit of Queen Creek. This was a first-time experience in hosting for the Buena Vista Mavericks!  Thanks to all the parents, members, and leaders for working together to make this happen!

Congratulations to all participants for their hard work in preparing and exhibiting  for the events. Senior category BV participants, Heather G. and Emily B. placed 3rd in their demonstration.  Heather also placed first in Hippology.   Madeline C. brought home a red ribbon for Hippology and took 4th in demonstration in the Junior age group.   Way to go girls!  

Looking forward to more BV Maverick members participating in the Speech and Horse Bowl on March 1!

Mavericks Show Big at Western Spurs English Show!

Saturday's English Show, hosted by the Western Spurs 4-H club, was well attended by BV members.   It was a gorgeous day for competing and experiencing a great show.  

Congratulations to all who participated!  A high-five to Anna for High Point in Beginner; Madeline, High Point in Intermediate; Julia, Reserve High Point in Intermediate; Heather, High Point in Senior Advanced, and Jamie, Reserve High Point in Senior Advanced.

Way to Go Mavericks!